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 Beyours presents the Triblend T-shirts for summers. Triblend T-shirts are a must to include in your style collection in the summers. These t-shirts keep you cool in the scorching heat while diverging the harmful UV rays away from your body. T-shirts add a style statement with their graphics or primary colours. The t-shirts are also unisex, which means no matter which gender you belong to, one can never go wrong with a round neck staple piece. Our t-shirts are the embodiment of what your character reflects. Our t-shirts are brimming with the qualities that one desires for a premium look.

The t-shirts are made from hand-spun cotton fibre, where every string is created meticulously by skilled workers. The fine fabric gives a smooth and opulent appearance to the clothing. Our T-shirt always stays in sharp composure to match with your personality, so the heat is deflected from your body.

The soft material of a T-shirt keeps you away from rashes or itching, which is undoubtedly undesirable during the hot weather. Our brand focuses on providing a luxury clothing experience to all the fashion fanatics.

Crew Neck T-shirt for Men –A Crewneck t-shirt is the perfect combo if you love layering. They become fitted to your body like a huggable pillow while keeping you cool and composed. They also provide a tremendous trendy look when worn in different colours like lilac, sea blue, etc.

High Neck T-shirt for Men –High neck t-shirts are a staple that is always in trend, be it the 21st or 20th century. The enclosing high neck area protects from tanning or sunburns. Plus, pairing them with distressed blue denim will turn you into a fashion inspiration.

Henley Neck T-shirt for Men –Henley neck t-shirts do the job of adding more elegance to your outfit without employing many efforts into the selection process. Our t-shirts come in different colours to match your preferences and give you a vibrant summer look

Our brand focuses on providing only top-notch quality products to the customers. As such, our t-shirts are made from woven cotton and elastane. 80% cotton adds the softness and helps in soaking away the sweat, so you don’t get rashes. While the 20% elastane gives good stretchability to the cloth, making it comfortable enough for the extreme or moderate heat seasons.

1. T-shirts are multi-faceted, which means you can dazzle at a party with your favourite tee or lounge when you are having a leisurely day. A black and white t-shirt always goes great with blue jeans orblack trousers. While adding a bit of lilac with a skinny fit black distressed denim will make you the trendsetter.

2.Sage greenandsky blueare all the rage among fashion influencers these days. Both these colours are very versatile and can be paired with either brown trousers or stone-washed blue jeans.

What are you waiting for? Be a fashion mogul by adding these stellar t-shirts to your summer collection today.