The Construction

of your everyday basics

It all starts with a right...

Right Fabric, Right Fit, Right Comfort..

Have you ever thought, who made these right ?


Behind making of

The craft, art & craftmanship...

Believe us !!
It's not easy to make a craft.

Elegantly Designed by Beyours

Precisely Performed by Bohra industrial

Bohra industrial resources pvt ltd. is a renowned manufacturer of garments with production capacity of more than 1.5 lakh pieces in a year. The mission of this company is to make every piece a masterpiece, maintaining quality at each level of production.   

Your every purchase
brings smile to many..

Made with ❤ | Made in India

All of our products are proudly made in india. We maintain all necessary standards to make your everyday basics.

Fair wages, honest relationship & ethical working environment.

Let's Contribute

In Pique knit
The Classic shirt
Sweatpant 2.O