The Air Collection [Story]

Yes! To all the men who want comfort and style together - we heard you.

When it comes to clothing, men always prioritize comfort over style. Men’s clothing is designed to be bulky. The fabric of our clothes is often thick - As if we were to wear them in freezing temperatures! Our clothes are textured and heavy making them too uncomfortable to wear.
And this is the reason, we have to compromise on style. In our world of clothing, fashion rarely intersects with comfort. Sad, ain’t it?

We Heard You!

It was the summer of 2019, and like every year India was boiling. It was typically a humid afternoon and one of our team members cracked a joke - I wish, I could walk around wearing nothing. That was it. We knew what we wanted and - what all the men out there wanted. We wanted something that felt lightweight, something that was airy, and something that looked chick at the same time.

I wish I could walk around wearing nothing

Just Feel Good

We wanted them to look good too!

Air Black Trouser Beyours

That’s when we came out with our collection of Air Shorts. We merged a large bale of cotton - the king of summer fabrics, along with elastane. The result - we came up with a pair of shorts that were breezy, that allowed air to pass through them and that felt feather-light on the skin. But we did not want our Air shorts to just feel good, we wanted them to look good too.

Weightless on the skin

We experimented with the cut and the fit, we made it just the right length - that ended a little above the knees

We played with subtle colors like Arctic Blue and Willow Green, the kind of colors that gave a summer vibe, and then slowly we came up with standard colors like Black and Charcoal Gray. We decided on a split-leg design that gave both - mobility and freedom. And there we were - we had designed a pair of shorts that could be worn at the beach and the bar at the same time.

Air Navy Shorts Beyours

Then there was no looking back

That summer, our Air Shorts did fairly well. We aren’t boasting, but they really gave a relaxed fit, and moreover a relaxed feel. We did not want this sentiment limited, to just our shorts. We wanted that seamless fit in all our designs. And so we incorporated our design into the Air Joggers. Our Air Joggers covered half the length of the body - waist down and yet, they did not weigh a single inch. You know what we mean - they felt weightless on the skin - like you haven’t worn anything!

Again, joggers are popular because they give an aesthetic appeal and in no way we wanted to miss out on this. Our Air Joggers were versatile and with colors like Olive and Navy Blue, they worked pretty much for every occasion, even at the office.

Why Should Trousers be Left Behind

Besides getting a pay rise, every man dreams of only one thing - I wish I could go to work with my pajamas on. We all know how uncomfortable formal trousers are. They are textured making them heavier. If you wear them in summer, you get all swampy; by the end of the day, you are a miserable mess.

Air Deep Teal Shorts Beyours

We styled our feathery Air Trousers with a metal button (Don’t worry, it did not add up to the weight!) that gave a clean, classy finish. Our Air Trousers were super comfortable, all thanks to the looser weaves. They could be worn throughout the day, while on a date, or even in a formal business meeting.

Airy - All Season

Winter wear is often designed to trap heat and keep you warm. Besides being heavy, woolen sweaters are often “grainy” to touch. Yes, they keep you warm but itch your skin until it gets red. Something had to be done about this. That is when we decided to launch our collection of Air Hoodies, the ones that are silky smooth to the skin, and appealing to the eyes.

Made with a special tri-blend fabric, our Air Hoodies give you a super smooth, buttery feel while keeping you warm.

Coming in vibrant colors like Crushed Berry and Magical Forest, they can be worn year-round, 365 days!