Making the World’s Softest T-shirt at Beyours | Behind the scenes

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We always wanted to do something different, something that gave us and our customers the internal kick. We were young; we were exploring and hence experimenting never scared us.

Back in 2019, we launched our first ever collection of t-shirts. It almost felt surreal, Beyours, had always been our dream, and slowly & steadily it was coming to life.

We crafted our first collection of t-shirts with premium quality Mercerised Supima Cotton. Our t-shirts were way softer and stronger than any other normal cotton t-shirt.The mercerized fibers were lustrous, giving our t-shirts a brighter color that could be retained even after multiple washings. 

We were on an experimenting spree that season. Our venture was new & we were more than excited, all the time. 

As we would have it, our second prototype was born! This time we went far. We tried blending different materials that could give us the softest t-shirt in the world! Yes, you heard it right, the softest t-shirt in the world

Hence, we created our first ever tri-blend t-shirt. We curated a mix of three different natural fibers. We blended Mercerized Supima with Lenzing Modal and Elastane. 

The results were unbelievable: Elastane gave durability, while the fine fibers of Lenzing Modal made our t-shirts super soft and super pleasant to touch. Our t-shirts did not feel like t-shirts anymore! They clung to your body just like a second skin!

We were working on several aspects of our t-shirt. We did not want it to be just soft; we wanted it to look good too!

So we played with the look & fit of our t-shirts. In our first prototype, we kept the width of the neck rib a little longer than usual. No doubt, our t-shirts were more comfortable, especially in the scorching sun. 

Until this time, we had won half the battle. This kept us going. We were happy with what we had created. Our customers were happier. 

But half the battle was yet to be fought. After all, we wanted to make the world's softest t-shirt, that too, without compromising on the durability, the feel, the looks, & of course the fit. 

We understand you. We know what a man wants from a t-shirt: Super soft fabric & the kind of fit that makes him feel confident. Right? So, this year in 2022, we decided to focus on the fit of our t-shirts.

We adjusted the neck; we made it edgy, such that our t-shirt fits your shoulders perfectly, such that your body look awesome, in great shape! We played with the length of our t-shirt; we made it just the right length to give you that classic look. 

Soon, the world's softest t-shirt began looking cooler than ever, was way more stylish and felt amazing on the skin.

This is how we created the world’s softest (& perhaps the coolest) t-shirt at Beyours, that too with natural fibres. We experimented, we learnt, we grew. Over the years sheer passion & love kept us going in making the world’s softest t-shirt.