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First time buy

Excellent shirt, excellent quality. Absolutely loved it.

Shirt is really nice , uploading a picture too ;-) . Shipment took long time .

Ordered one dark blue shirt half sleeves . Quality , Comfort , fitting everything is perfect . Great Job .

A Perfect wear

I bought Black & Grey one , one for my work & other one for casual wear . Both are perfect for all time .

A Good T-shirt collection though , I bought 5 T-shirts , All are perfect and comfortable wear for my weekdays .

Its perfect and great quality , Loved it !

Good quality

The tshirts and the shirts are of really good quality.

The fabric material is good . Color is really nice . Thanks Beyours

Really liked the quality of teal blue shirt . Color & material both are nice

I purchased one hunter green t-shirt , the quality was good & color also . Just need to increase delivery efficiency.

Color is really nice & fit as well . Need to update the size .

Fabric attracts lint..

Colour and fit is good..
Price is little bit higher..
But, the fabric attracts lint..

Great fit and nice fabric

The fabric is really premium and of top notch quality.
I really like the color which accentuates the style with nicely paired up jeans.

Superb quality

I really liked the cloth material and the fitting as well.

Loved this slim fit shirt , need more colors to buy .

Absolutely loved the shirt , One of the best till the date .

Great design and comfort

Well hands down one of the best quality shirt I have ever worn. The colour, the design and the feel makes you stand out from the crowd.

Great experience

Perfect in everything

The Navy Blue

The fit & color is really appreciable 👌 .

Loved it

Ultimate color & fit . Wan more in these newbies

Good, could be better

The material is soft, yet to wash. The stitching is good but bit tight around the chest.


It's amazing and fit too good thanku

Amazing fit & comfort, waiting for more colors.

Had ordered two shirts black & wine berry . It fits me really well, Will order more in the future :-)