The Easy Shorts

The Easy Shorts


Finest quality shorts by beyours oh my god, I loved the Easy Black Shorts, such a premium fabric and well fitted shorts. The best shorts i have worn until now.

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Yes, it is. From heating up in the summer afternoon to cozy winter bed time, you can style up men's shorts in many ways.

Shorts for men are breathable and stretchable. Thus, stay easy on your skin in every season. Ultra lightweight fabrics retain color and stand durable.

The difference is in the material used. BeYours shorts for men are made up of ultra lightweight fabric, 95% premium cotton. Hidden zippers and metal caps make it stand out.

Easyshorts for men come in everyday look whereas Golfer shorts adorn an athletic feeling with an upscale look.

Yes, shorts for men come up with the perfect size. Choose a fit that allows enough space between you and the fabric. If it’s skin tight, it’s not a pair of shorts.